Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Aw, shucks - Orlando has Tampa envy

Their headline, not ours.

- David J
(Thanks to Michael K. for the heads-up!)


Dominick F., Senior Bean Counter said...

It's really fascinating to read the unsolicited opinions of others in Orlando, as they discuss the TBPAC and its extensive line up and quality acoustics. In general, I find tapping into how others feel about any topic very interesting—I often wonder if many readers do what I typically do with a publication, and that is to read the letters to the editor first, especially if the publication does an even-handed job here (i.e. National Geographic mag), and doesn’t try to spin it.

Obviously, Orlando needs a modern PAC, but will it happen anytime soon? It takes vision.

I'm reminded of an article in the St.Pete Times on 8/19/06 (discussing Pam Iorio’s newest plan for the Tampa Museum of Art), and a great quote from former Art Museum board member, Richard Lehfeldt, regarding the genesis of TBPAC :

[For public/private partnerships engaged in big capital projects, there is a] “moment when you take that leap of faith. You could have applied a rigorous fiscally conservative calculus whether to go forward with the Performing Arts Center or not, and you might have decided not to do it. But now in retrospect, we can look back and say what geniuses we are.”

After all the due diligence, ultimately there is a leap-of-faith, gut instinct component to this decision that goes beyond return on investment analysis.

TBPAC said...

You're right on, D.

There were a LOT of people who thought planners were downright insane to invest in/build TBPAC.

"What the heck's downtown?"

"Who the heck wants to go see plays and operas?"