Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Red Hot Tony News

TBPAC is excited to help the League of American Theaters & Producers with an initiative to share information on the annual Tony Awards (and hopefully more inside news down the road) in a real-time environment via RSS feeds. The League is adopting a lot of new technology via a partnership with IBM On Demand Business.

A little after 3pm today, the Tony Awards launched a page for RSS feeds on this year's awards. You may subscribe to Tony-related feeds from Broadway.org here, including getting this year's news before the mainstream press has a chance to get it out!

The actual Tony Award nominations will be announced May 16, with the award ceremony to be held on June 11.

We wanted to give you live, fully-integrated updates here at CULTURE SHOCK, but it appears that Blogger isn't set up to mirror/syndicate other feeds like that. We're looking at other options and should be announcing our upgrade soon.

As an employee of the League told me today - we're really leading the theater industry in this technology, and we even say that knowing how behind we are as compared to a lot of other industries!

- David J.

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