Tuesday, May 16, 2006

New blood perspective

(The following was given to me at the end of the day yesterday, May 15, from our new PR intern. - D.J.)

Today was not the first time I have been to the Tampa Bay Performing Arts Center. I have been here several times before as a theater patron. Today was different though, because today was my first day as an intern for The Center.

As a theater enthusiast there is always something elusive about the backstage area. So, getting a behind the scenes look was thrilling. Walking down the halls, I could only begin to imagine the artists that had taken that very path to the stage. As I made my way onto the giant stage at Morsani Hall, I felt like a star, even if it was just for a moment.

As a patron, I have always admired The Center, and taken a great interest in the work it does. Today I got a new perspective by touring the facility and talking to the many people who make it a success. My first day as an intern has only made me even more excited about this wonderful opportunity.

- Jenna B.

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