Friday, May 05, 2006

Goodbye to Angela

After just more than 5 years of dedicated service to TBPAC, our very own Angela Lakin will be heading off to greener pastures. She's been a pretty frequent contributor to this blog. You may recall her name from many of the opera stories.

Angela started here as a PR intern and moved up to a full-time position in that department before transferring to Marketing. She's been an invaluable asset in handling kid shows (including our annual Eggstravaganza event), classical arts (including our own Opera Tampa company), Latin programming and various other niche shows.

Not only has she put her brain to task as an employee, she's been sighted in some classes at the Patel Conservatory, she's been a singer in the Opera Tampa Chorus and (as many of us have been in the department) she's been a frequent model for photos we've needed for various purposes.

As we say farewell to Angela today, I'd like to leave you with a few of her more "memorable appearances." (Thanks, Mei!) In my mind, though, she will go down in history as the recipient of the very first Best Actress in a Phone Conversation Award.

We'll miss you much, Angela. Don't be a stranger ...

Angela is everywhere. Even hubby Lorne is amazed

Glinda, the Big Boss and Elphaba

Angela even helped me film a commercial on a moment's notice.

In addition to a mastermind marketer, she could be a dancing queen.

We bid this Girl of the Golden West a fond farewell. Happy trails!

- David J., on behalf of the TBPAC Marketing Department

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