Tuesday, September 13, 2011


The David A. Straz, Jr. Center for the Performing Arts is holding auditions by appointment for the Tony Award winning Boeing Boeing by Marc Camoletti, to be presented as part of the Straz Center Broadway Series. Producer: Straz Center
Dir: Greg Leaming, Associate Dir: Jonathan Van Dyke

Sunday, Sept. 25th & Monday, Oct. 3 11-7 callbacks on both days
David A. Straz, Jr Center For the Performing Arts/ Jaeb Theatre
Rehearsals Start Jan. 22nd
Show Runs: Feb. 24- May 6th

The debonair Bernard, an architect living in Paris, is juggling relationships with three vivacious flight attendants-- each one believes she is his only girl. All goes until his friend Robert arrives for a visit, and the airlines decide to change their schedules! Chaos and fun take off as Bernard’s clever plans unravel. The Boeing Boeing Tampa engagement is high-flying fun! Boeing Boeing recently enjoyed a successful Broadway revival with 279 performances.

ALL ROLES OPEN: All must have strong comedic skills.
Bernard: (Early 30’s-40’s) Handsome, great verbal skills, a playboy who begins the play unable to believe his good luck and ends it desperate to get out of this lifestyle. Possibly ready to admit he’s too old for all of this.

Robert: (Early 30’s-40’s) Bernard’s best friend and school chum. Fresh from the farm, innocent, naïve, and wide eyed. He is the opposite of Bernard – as insecure as Robert is assured, and as naïve as Robert is experienced. Together, he and Robert make up a classic comic duo – both sides of the male coin.

Gloria: (Mid 20’s-30’s) Strong, aggressive, very self assured. A combination of Midwestern homespun good spirits and the new, sexually liberated woman of the late 60s. Absolutely committed to her own perspective on the world.

Gabriella: (Mid 20’s-30’s) Passionate, sensual and extremely aggressive. A hot headed experienced woman, able to go from sex kitten to tigress in a moments notice. Very Italian, a la early 60s Italian cinema. Dialect skills a plus.

Gretchen: (Mid 20’s-30’s) Tall, leggy, German woman – a Wagnerian temptress who often struggles to fit the role of the innocent housewife. The most insecure of the three women, although her innate passionate response to the world makes her seem the strongest and the most terrifying. Dialect skills a plus.

Bertha: (40’s-50’s) A very efficient, extremely organized housekeeper who is quickly losing her grip over the household. She most definitely believes she is the star of this household, and has a very clear idea of what she is owed by all inhabiting it.

For appointment please submit headshot and resume via email to Jonathanvandyke@aol.com
For address and directions please visit www.strazcenter.org

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