Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Kim Richey Writes From the Road

Kim Richey wrote us from the road, channeling ee cummings, and we thought we’d share! Kim plays the first date of our Club Jaeb singer-songwriter series on Oct. 24. About 24 season subscriptions – good for all eight hand-picked concerts -- are still available for $150. Call 229.STAR or Buy Tickets.

See her official website HERE.


if you could have a super power, what would it be? some people want to fly. some want to be invisible (i think they may be up to no good). one friend wants to be able to teleport himself and 4 other people. he put a 5 person cap on his super power.  another friend wants to be too tall man - "able to reach things on the highest shelf".  he’s 6’ 2"  i’m not sure he understands the game. me - i want to be able to speak and understand any language. that includes animals - all life forms - maybe plants too.  this would come in handy right about now.  i’m spending the summer in sweden. what a gorgeous place this is. i would probably have to be forcibly ejected from the country if i were able to speak the language.  meanwhile i’ve been leaning heavily on google translate.  i have loved being here and met loads of great people.  it all went too fast. if i am very lucky i will get to come back again.  i promise to work on my swedish while i am away. 

the only good thing about the summer coming to an end is autumn - my favorite season and a fine time for a road trip.  we will be out playing shows most of september  and october in the u.s.  … finally, we will get to see some of our friends west of the mississippi.  woo hoo!  at two of the shows on the west coast we will be playing w/ our good pal glen phillips. i love glen phillips!  we’ll also be back to some of our favorite spots in the southeast and on the east coast.  i’m hoping to make a new record this december so we may test out some new songs on you. – kim"

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