Friday, August 14, 2009

The Producers host something Wicked

Last night I attended the All Access Backstage Event here at the TBPAC hosted by The Producers with my boyfriend. It was a nice intimate gathering of young professionals in the Tampa Bay area to explore backstage, mingle, and have some fabulous appetizers catered by Bone Fish Grill.

The toughest decision of the night was whether to go with ‘The White Rabbit’ or ‘Wicked-tini’ cocktail (hey – I’m of age!). Of course, I had to try the ‘Wicked-tini’ (because it was pink) and explore.

Many of the upcoming show banners were hung around the space: In the Heights, Wonderland, Wicked, Mary Poppins to remind guests of our 2009-2010 Broadway season kicking off in October. There were also cast members from Respect and South Pacific walking around with guests to promote the shows. Guests also got to go on the stages of the Carol Morsani and Ferguson. How cool is that?

As I stood center stage of Carol Morsani (a dream come true for anyone who calls themselves a performer) and looked out into the 2,610 empty seats I had to catch my breath. Sure, I’ve been in the audience plenty of times, we will actually be there again in two week for the O.A.R. concert, but who else can say they have done that?

Overall, great event, great experience, great company, and I was in a great dress! Not bad for a Thursday night!

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- AP Intern

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Anonymous said...

Pictures from the event will be on The Producers Facebook page soon! Search TBPAC, The Producers.