Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Spring Awakening - we want to know what you thought!

It seems some of the coverage of the show in the local media has only focused on some of the more titillating aspects of this winner of eight 2007 Tony Awards - including Best Musical.

Personally, I feel like it's one of the best things to hit Broadway in at least a decade. I also have a fairly long history with the source material, a college professor of mine (Dr. Ralf Remshardt) wrote a brilliant translation of the original Wedekind play while I was in grad school that I had an opportunity to see. A few years later I would produce that very same script with my company, Jobsite Theater.

It's the prerogative of the masses I suppose to get outraged, or rail against things they think are obscene. Still, the sensibilities of individuals and what they find offensive is very subjective. I feel like TBPAC has been nothing but up front about the show, and even gave season ticket holders the option to opt-out of seeing/paying for it. No one is trying to trick anyone and certainly any play, book, CD or movie should be avoided by someone who feels like they wouldn't care for it - whatever the reason. Others still deserve the opportunity.

I'm very curious as to what our readers might think of the performance on stage this week. If you see the show - which I honestly hope you do as it's groundbreaking, powerful stuff - I hope you might remember to come back here and let us know what you think. The only thing I'll ask is that we keep it fair and clean since this is an open blog.


Bridget said...

Well I'm on the Guilty Ones street team so obviously I love it. But I've seen the show twice and I seriously think this was the best performace I've ever seen. Like I fell in love. They were all so sweet and so good! I made sure they knew that I loved it. I would recomend it to ANYONE as long as they are prepared to see some very interesting things. I think it is the best thing to hit broadway in centuries, but I might be biased.
<3 Bridget

Anonymous said...

We are in our mid 50s. Former Broadway season ticket holders forced to scale back to an occasional show. Spring Awakening is a fabulous show! We were fortunate to be seated on stage, which made it a real experience, although it was a but difficult at times to hear sung lyrics. Kudos to TBPAC.

Sam said...

I loved it!! I thought it was the best show I've seen in years. Of course, I am very open-minded, but more than that, I think every parent who cares about educating their young teenagers or soon-to-be teenagers should take them to see this show. It's nothing if not a conversation starter. Cheers to TBPAC for having the guts to bring this show.

Anonymous said...

Seeing it at TBPAC (on stage no less) was my 8th time seeing this show. I love it, and I'm in my mid-40s.

It's fresh and thought provoking and its a shame, in 2009, that people should be outraged over fare that is milder than most cable tv programming.

Ah well... I'm proud of TBPAC for bringing it in and sad so many chose to forgo seeing it.

Megan said...

It's funny ... I was just thinking about how blessed I was to have seen this show and I wanted an opportunity to thank TBPAC for hosting it. I am so thankful to have an opportunity to sound off on how much this show has "touched me" (pardon the pun, but it did).

A fried of mine introduced me to the show about a year and a half ago, but I never got the chance to see it in New York. It really lived up to my expectations and then some. Sitting on the stage made it so much more powerful, especially seeing the tears in the actors eyes. It was a very emotional experience for me. I had the chills listening to "The Dark I know Well" and seeing the other "modern" girls stand up. Oh my goodness. I feel that every teenage should be exposed to the show. I could gush on and on.

I agree that it was groundbreaking and I am so sad the show is ending on Broadway, but I'm so thankful that the tour will go on. Thanks again, TBPAC.