Monday, December 29, 2008

In the Heights connection to Sesame Street

Now that I have a baby I'm officially a Sesame Street watcher. If you're a parent of an infant or toddler you too have sat through your share of Sesame Street. The other day I was watching and the "Murray has a little lamb" segment came on. For those of you aren't active watchers, this is a segment where the muppet, Murray Monster, visits a new school each episode. He has a little lamb, Ovejita, who speaks Spanish and provides clues about the school so Murray can guess. In any case, the hip-hop/rap theme song came on and I knew I had heard the voice before. After a second listen I placed it. It's the voice of Lin-Manuel Miranda. Miranda is the composer, original conceptor and star of Broadway's Tony Award-winning Best Musical In The Heights!

And there's your random fact for the day. Impress your friends! :)

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Anonymous said...

I don't think it's that guy, I'm pretty sure it's Keith Murray, a rapper.