Monday, October 06, 2008

Frost/Nixon opens in Des Moines

Occasionally, we get dispatches from the touring Broadway world, and we just received this one from the producers of Frost/Nixon, which just opened in Des Moines.

“I’m happy to report that the Frost/Nixon tour is up and running and soon coming to a city near you! After our tech week and one preview in Owensboro, Kentucky, we made our first move and had a terrific first performance in Des Moines last night. The cast is truly wonderful. Stacy Keach is a great Nixon, but is also the perfect leader for the company. Yesterday in Des Moines he gave 10 local radio and TV reviews in the morning, a full company rehearsal in the afternoon, and the first performance last night, and did it all with aplomb."

“Scenically, the show is as close a replica of the Broadway production as is possible. The TV screen uses flat-screen technology instead of the vintage TV monitors from Broadway. The lighting rig includes moving lights to isolate the actors in the same way that we did on Broadway, and everyone is pleased with the results.

“This is a first-rate tour that you can all be extremely proud of.”

Soon, we’ll be able to check it out for ourselves. -- MichaelK

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