Thursday, October 02, 2008

Blogging Molly

The latest newsletter from Red Molly, a super talented group of ladies who will appear later in our Club Jaeb series:

Hey Everybody!

We finished out the summer with a bang, making our first trip to TX and NM, and then coming back East for our last set of outdoor shows, at the Bolton Fair in MA. In October, we'll be traveling as far north as Maine, and as far south as Alabama! All October shows are listed below. If you have friends in GA or AL, please let them know we'll be in their neck of the woods (October 22-25).

Have you seen the Red Molly Tour Diary? We usually write about the weekend's shows on our website, but this time we decided to give all you Red Heads a taste of what it's like to be right there in the car with us, traveling on the road with the band! Check out our first ever AUDIO Tour Diary here (FYI, it's 7 minutes long):

In other news, the latest review of "Love and Other Tragedies" is in the Hartford Advocate, calling the CD "Beautiful, masterfully played, and emotionally evocative". Read the rest of the review here:

See you soon,
Laurie, Abbie & Carolann

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