Wednesday, March 19, 2008

DVR Alert! Spring Awakening!

... unless of course, you actually watch TV at 8:30 in the morning ... Catch a medley of songs by the energetic young cast of the groundbreaking (and Tony Award-winning Best Musical) Spring Awakening on Good Morning America tomorrow at 8:30 am!

The rock score for this controversial new heavy-hitter is by Duncan Sheik (Remember "Barely Breathing?" OK, fair enough.). If you're familiar with the show already, you'll see that they will be getting a little creative with rhyming vocals ("Totally Stuck" instead of "Totally F***ed") for network TV, and if you're not -- tune in -- and then go download the soundtrack from iTunes. Or go to and sample them. It's good stuff. Is Spring Awakening the new Rent? It just might be. OR, it just might be bigger.


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