Monday, December 17, 2007

Next Club Jaeb show: Bethany & Rufus

"There's some Cowboy Junkies here, a dash of Tuck & Patti there and an overall otherworldliness more akin to a David Lynch movie." - Editorial Review

Bethany Yarrow is the daughter of Peter Yarrow (who you might remember from his days of making music with Paul and Mary) who sings in a haunting style you might liken to Nina Simone or Cassandra Wilson, and Rufus Capadoccia plays the cello with a sick skill that will keep you guessing if he's in fact playing a classical cello, an upright bass or possibly even an electric bass. Together their music pushes standard American folk far past the edge into the territory of hypnotic groove, jazz and psychedelic soul.

You can take a listen to some of their music at their MySpace page.

Or watch this video:

I know it's almost a hackneyed expression, but watch this clip and you may even say yourself that Rufus rocks it like a Hendrix on the cello:

Need more convincing? Watch this solo video of his:

Bethany & Rufus play the Jaeb Theater on Jan. 28.

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