Tuesday, December 11, 2007

De/ReConstructing Mata Hari

“Looks like Cleopatra, but when she moves it is with the muscle of a Mark Anthony” – Dance Magazine.

De/ReConstructing Mata Hari is here this weekend in the TECO Theater as part of our Expanding Horizons series. You've likely seen the TV spot we've been circulating online and that's been running locally on Bright House Networks, but to get a much better idea of how visually stunning this show is you should take a look at these two sections of the actual show as teasers.

Here is also a review of the original incarnation of the show in the NYTimes.

The show is only here for this one single weekend - hope you can make it out or pass this on to a friend! You can also learn all about the FREE MASTER CLASS here! Space is limited for that, so sitgn up quickly!

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