Wednesday, February 28, 2007

TBPAC housekeeping

Please remember to friend us on MySpace here. We can do a lot better than 180 friends, Tampa Bay! We are trying to keep the calendar as up to date as possible, and we've been known to send out a special announcement or two (including the random rad special offer) via bulletins.

Also, remember you can always send us tips, ideas, feedback or just about anything! Email david DOT jenkins AT tbpac DOT org and just make sure you to type either Culture Shock or Blog in the subject line, so I know what it's about.

I had to give a report on new technology this morning, and it seemed our senior staff was a bit impressed with all the things we're trying to embrace. We know we moderate comments, and we know it's a pain to register, but we sure would like to see a bit more back and forth on the discussion here. It's not too hard to register, and I'm pretty fast on the moderation. That's a corporate thing folks, not my decision. :)

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