Friday, February 02, 2007

He wore a raspberry beret ...

We have Joshue Kane returning to thrill audiences in the TECO Theater in just a few short weeks with his Shakespeare's Murderers, Madmen and Kings: An evening of politics, sex and greed. Mr. Kane has been here before with a sold-out run of his show Gothic at Midnight.

One thing we'd all noticed about his PR shot for the show (below) was that between the facial hair, the red beret and the outreached arm he resembled Che Guevara.

See? He sorta does, doesn't he?

Now, I probably would have never thought of this on my own, but I watched Pacino's Merchant of Venice last night, and right at the beginning they've got a set of slates explaining the plight of Jews in the 1600s, even in a liberal city like Venice. They were kept in 'getos' which were locked and guarded by Christians at night, and when they went out into the street …

… they had to wear a red hat.

Joshua Kane is also of Jewish heritage. I will assume perhaps that photo is Shylock and not Che.

Even if, in the end, it still looks a bit ... Che-kespearean.

Check him out, he's a great performer. Even if that whole red hat thing was just coincidence, it's a good bit of trivia.


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