Monday, October 16, 2006

TBPAC: Bits and bites

I found a great quote on Old School Freight Train, who opens our Club Jaeb series next Monday. "They look like a bluegrass band, complete with banjo, fiddle, mandolin, guitar, and stand up bass. Musically, they like to play the Beatles, Stevie Wonder, Jazz, Radiohead, an occasional jig and, of course, their own material, which draws on all of the above. Whatever they play Saturday on the free Millennium Stage at the Kennedy Center, they'll do it with youthful enthusiasm and veteran skill." -- The Washington Times

Nick Lachey is here Tuesday night to break some hearts with his album about, well, a broken heart.

Robert Dubac's Intellect also opens oin Tuesday night. Wowsers, we sure do stay busy!

Don't miss Demetri Martin on Sunday night. This guy's show was sold clean at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, and I understand from several who were there he was one of the top comedians working.

The Pillowman
has been extended through Nov. 5.

Break out your daishiki and birks on Oct. 19 when the String Cheese Incident rolls into town.

Get out and see a show, Tampa Bay! The weather is beautiful, the Bucs managed a win and there's something going on for just about everyone these days.


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Amy said...

Hey David-
Why isn't there a constant link to Jobsite's blog and/or website on the main TBPAC blog? I see one when there's a mention of a show, or whatever, but it may be nice to have one on the links list on the right... just suggesting! :0)