Thursday, October 05, 2006

No longer LOST

Good TV has finally returned with last night's premiere of LOST. This is a show I've gotten hooked on this year. At the beginning of the year I rented season 1, then caught up on half of season two before watching the rest of the season live.

It was hard going from being able to binge on the show nightly, watching 2 or 3 episodes a night to just getting a one hour fix. Last night was no exception, I'd DVRed the episode since I had rehearsal and watched it commercial-free before I went to bed.

A good serial like this is rare for me. The mysteries of this show are on par with shows like Twin Peaks, The X-Files and Carnivale.

There are some possible spoilers below, so if you don't want to read them, go ahead and stop here.

In true LOST fashion, last night's episode asked more questions than it gave answers. Who exactly are the Others. Friends or foes? In the last episode last season Henry Gale (who we've now learned is also called Ben) said "We're the good guys." Forgive me if I'm not sold on that answer, particularly with how he interacted with Kate and the new doctor - who may provide a new love interest for Jack? Or so it seemed anyway from her side of things.

What's the deal with Sawyer and Kate in the animal test cages? I loved all the business with Sawyer working out the contraption in the cage to get the fish biscuit. The first thought I had when it popped out was that it was a ... wait for it ... red herring. "It only took the bears two hours ..." The Polar Bears?

We've also now seen another hatch - the Hydra - and got a great shot of the place it seems the Others reside - a small village with actual houses and an overall look of civilization.

I still think that the story between Jack and his dad is far from being told. Is he somehow connected to Hanso/Dharma?

From the teaser for next week's episode, it seems that they're going to get into the thick of things pretty quickly. What happened to Michael and Walt? Are they coming back? I'm really chomping at the bit to catch up with Locke, Sayid and Hurley - not to mention Mr. Echo and Charlie.

I do my best to stay clear of future spoilers, and I even avoid message boards on the show where I might run into them. That said - anyone have a reaction to last night's episode? Any theories? Hopes and/or fears?



Dominick F., Senior Bean Counter said...

No, I haven't seen an episode of LOST, but I'm tempted. However, I'm with you on the X-Files, so this is what peaked my curiosity about LOST.

It is exceedingly rare in a television series when the writing, direction, production & cinematography, casting, acting, and editing all consistently come together in a satisfyingly synergistic whole.

Other than X-Files, I think the first two years of Miami Vice had this synergy (along with great music, kicked off by Jan Hammer), as did Star Trek-TNG (minus a few hokey sets), especially the latter years. As far as comedies go, I Love Lucy, The Honeymooners, and King of Queens (post-Jerry Stiller) also had/have this synergy (and maybe Taxi, too).

Perhaps I should check out LOST.

Anonymous said...

I really fought watching, Dom.

It looked to me like "Vapid Pretty People Stuck on an Island." They all seemed a little fashionable for plane crash survivors, but after a while you just really rack it up to "style."

I got hooked pretty quickly though. It's a fun show to get into with someone at the same time, either someone you live with or a friend who's watching it on their own.

Amy G. said...

So I've never watched Lost, but I just read on that Nathan Fillion (star of Serenity, Firefly, Buffy) will be coming on board to play someone from Kate's past, who is "legally" connected to her. Since I'm a huge fan of his as well as his work, I think I may have to start watching!