Friday, May 11, 2012

We're moving!

After 8 years of being on Blogger, Culture Shock, the Straz Center blog, is moving!

Please start following us on Tumblr! We'll see you over there.

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Baylink said...

It's good that you've moved to Tumblr.

Well, it's not: Tumblr is viral: there's no way to comment on postings there except by Ask, Ask is "hard viral"; I *must* sign up for their silly service myself to Ask a question.

Or, as with this comment, to merely point out to you that, um,

probably should have it's Culture Shock link snapped to point to the *new* blog at Tumblr, rather than the old Blogger-based one.

And, um, everywhere else the old link lives on the main site.

Aren't properly used CMSs wonderful?