Friday, January 06, 2012

Elvis Presley’s 77th Birthday

Nearly thirty-five years after his death, Elvis’ hold on popular culture endures (no one’s eclipsed his record of staying at number one for 80 consecutive weeks, and he can still officiate your wedding, sort of). As such, the King’s birthday is a big deal in Memphis.

Four days of commemorative events in and around Graceland pay respect to Elvis Aron Presley, from Elvis Bingo in the Heartbreak Hotel to conversations on Elvis with his musical accompanists and the award-winning filmmakers who followed his comeback tour.

Let the Memphis Symphony Orchestra assuage your suspicious mind as they perform some of his many number one songs, or get that same mind all shook up in a round of trivia at Graceland and the Elvis Presley Automobile Museum.

And for those who still think Elvis died on the toilet, he’s actually alive and laughing at you from his pineapple plantation in blue Hawaii.


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