Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Vote for the Straz Center - WEDU's Be More Awards!

Will you help spread the word?

We've been nominated for the WEDU Be More Humble People's Choice Poll.

Like the People's Choice Awards for celebrities, only for non-profits and without all the vapid idiot movie stars.

It takes less than a minute -Take the WEDU Be More Humble People’s Choice Poll and cast your vote for the Tampa Bay Performing Arts Center.

Click here and scroll down to "Tampa Bay Performing Arts Center" – check the box and help us celebrate!

You can vote for us once each day between now and the 18th of December!

Need some reasons why you should vote for us?

Did you know…
The Straz Center (formerly known as the Tampa Bay Performing Arts Center) serves arts education outreach programs at no cost to more than 40 Title I schools and community partner organizations each year!

More than 60,000 children were served by our arts education programs last year; more than 70% of these are children in need!

Since our Patel Conservatory opened five years ago, we have provided more than $250,000 in scholarship opportunities to under served and overlooked children!

We are recognized as one of the best and most accessible performing arts centers in the world!

Our economic impact on Tampa Bay is more than $100 million each year!

Our Wonderland Broadway Genesis Project brought over 700 full- and part-time jobs to our community in a difficult economic times!

Go! Vote!

-Kari G.

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