Thursday, September 10, 2009

Pet Shop Boys Haiku Winner!

Thanks to everybody who participated in the Pet Shop Boys Haiku contest. We had lots of great entries! Finally, we decided that Audra Dunn won on the merits of “authenticity and awesome.”

Growing up with Lowe
In coastal North Shields England
True West End girl here

We had to know more about this "True West End girl" and so Audra was kind enough to answer a few random questions:

The TBPAC marketing department loved your haiku – but we want to know: Did you grow up with Chris Lowe literally or metaphorically?

I grew up with Lowe and Tennant metaphorically and lyrically.

Favorite Pet Shop Boys song:

I’m old school, you can’t beat “Girls and Boys”.

As a “true West End girl” did you ever date an East End boy?

Occasionally, when I felt the need to go clubbing with the dodgy types from Hackney, I would venture to the East End… but I’m truly a West End girl at heart.

Finally, America is forever in debt to North Shields England for the gift of Stan Laurel of Laurel and Hardy fame. Out of curiosity, do you have trouble watching Hugh Laurie without thinking of A Bit of Fry and Laurie?

When I’m watching Hugh Laurie, I think of nothing else. But I prefer him mature and grey, rather than young and spry as in the Fry and Laurie days. Handsome any decade though.

And there you have it - West End Girl, Hugh Laurie Lover and Haiku Genius Audra Dunn! Enjoy the show tonight Audra!

You can still get tickets if you move quick! And if you want to know just how awesome PSB were a few days ago - check out this review!

Kari "You can't hide, run with the dogs tonight" G.

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Anonymous said...

My sister Audra has and always will be the true Haiku Master of our family and I hope she passes on the appreciation to her spawns Kyle and Kenneth! love from the heart, Dawn