Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Beatles bits

In anticipation of the highly-tauted stage spectacle RAIN: A Tribute to The Beatles, here are four fab stories in the news on our favorite lads from Liverpool:

Now, the $69,000 question remains, what's the story on why The Beatles tribute show is called RAIN? Anyone know? First person to answer correctly wins a free pair of tickets to the show on May 16!


Jason Medina, Beatles Fan said...

Rain was a 1966 Fab Four single, and also the name of a 70s-era cover band that played Beatles tunes after the guys broke up.

David Jenkins said...

You're right, Jason!

Contact me at david.jenkins@tbpac.org to claim your prize!

Anonymous said...

9, of course, was John's favorite number...born on October 9, "One After 909," "Revolution 9," "#9 Dream."