Wednesday, February 11, 2009

The missing 18 1/2 minutes means you can buy tickets for $18.50!

Watergate. Haldeman and Ehrlichman. Twisting slowing, slowing in the wind. Watergate. Modified limited hangout. Stonewall. I’m not a crook. Watergate. The Plumbers. Watergate. Chuck Colson. John Mitchell. Woodward and Bernstein. Watergate. John Dean. Spiro Agnew. 18 and ½ minutes. June, 17, 1972. Aug. 9, 1974. Watergate. Hush money. The Smoking Gun. Deep Throat. Watergate. Dirty tricks. Judge Sirica. Watergate. Committee To Re-elect The President. Sen. Sam Ervin. Mark Felt. Rose Mary Woods. Watergate. Impeachment. Gerald Ford. L. Patrick Gray. Watergate. High crimes and misdemeanors. David Frost. Richard M. Nixon. Watergate.

The names and phrases echo across time. Now relive history with the Tony-nominated play, “FROST/NIXON.” FROST/NIXON, starring Stacy Keach, tackles the question: How did David Frost, a famous British talk-show host with a playboy reputation, elicit the apology that the rest of the world was waiting to hear from former President Richard Nixon? This fast-paced drama shows the determination, conviction and cunning of two men as they square off in one of the most monumental television interviews of all time.

I'd get your tickets before this offer is, um, erased.

A selected number of tickets are now available for $18.50 (plus applicable fees). Use promo code: ERASED

Offer valid for Balcony and Gallery level tickets. Excludes Saturday evening. Subject to availability. Not applicable to prior sales. Cannot be combined with any other offer.

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