Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Jobsite Theater scores solid reviews for Embedded

Embedded is on stage now in the Shimberg Playhouse through Aug. 31. Check out the reviews that have published in the past two days. Follow the links for the full articles:
" ... the play is harsh, unrelenting, at times grotesque and exceedingly refreshing. In a more perfect universe, every city would have a theater troupe that performed plays like Embedded every time there was a national crisis ... See it before the Constitution goes the way of the Geneva Conventions ... If you don't believe that the live theater can be a potent political instrument, see this play and change your mind." - Creative Loafing

"Jobsite Theat[er] could not have picked a finer show than "Embedded" to close out the 2007-08 season. Written by Tim Robbins, this was, by far, Jobsite's best production ... "Embedded" is a creative, original and intelligent play that lingers long after the curtain goes down." - The Tampa Tribune

"... the script and the production both fare best during the very human vignettes ... A touching opening scene has soldiers saying goodbye to their loved ones as they go off to war. One of the few ethical reporters, played appealingly by Meg Heimstead, recounts with fear and sadness an errant bomb attack. A fictionalized account of the Jessica Lynch story, with a poignant performance by Betty-Jane Parks, is perhaps the show's most profound and effective anti-war statement ... Some of the best acting comes during those repeated segments with the presidential advisers. Even though the actors' faces are hidden behind masks ... their gestures are phenomenally evocative." - St. Pete Times
And for those interested, here's the TV spot:

Full disclosure: I am also the Producing Artistic Director of Jobsite and one of the co-directors of the show.

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