Thursday, July 17, 2008

Vote in the 2008 CreLo Best of the Bay Awards

Now is your chance to vote for all that is right (and wrong) with Tampa Bay as the polls are open in the 2008 Creative Loafing Best of the Bay Awards Reader's Poll.

There's around 100 categories that you can let your voices be heard on as to the best of Tampa Bay when it comes to where to eat, drink, party, play, live, love and loathe. You have to vote in at least 26 categories for your ballot to count. Should be pretty easy to get that many in, even if you're not a socialite. Best Beach? Check. Best Soul Food? It's all there.

Now of course we're putting this over here on Culture Shock for a reason - we want your votes! So see some recommendations below as some ways you can show your love for all that goes on at TBPAC!

Best Theater Troupe: Jobsite Theater (TBPAC's resident theater company that performs in the Shimberg Playhouse
Best Actor/Actress: Ok, so no way we can single a guy and gal out here. Even if we could, we don't want to live with that wrath. So this is what we'll say - did you see a show in the Jaeb Theater or Shimberg Playhouse in 2008? Odds are they were local, and they'd love for you to vote for them. Can't remember their name? Dig out that program! Did you lose it? Ask me in the comments, maybe I can help you remember.
Best Live Concert Venue: Again, your call - maybe you're a fan of the super-intimate shows in out Club Jaeb Series - where every seat is perfect and you can practically reach out and touch the notes. Maybe Ferguson Hall is more your speed - where Idina Menzel plays later this month. Or, perhaps you just can't get enough of our acoustically-perfect opera house Morsani Hall.
Best Kept Secret: Again with the choices! Is there a part of TBPAC that you just can't believe doesn't get more attention? Maybe it's the locally-produced spectacles put on by Opera Tampa, the offerings of the Patel Conservatory, the cutting-edge work of Jobsite Theater or the soulful singer-songwriters of the Club Jaeb Series. Seems like we have a lot of secrets!
Most Underrated Thing in Tampa Bay: For our organizational size, operating budget, footprint in Downtown's landscape, world-class programming and outstanding attendance - you think every show we'd have would simply be bursting at the seams full of people. We're in no way saying we're the little guy, but you can certainly make the argument we're, as a whole, an underrated part of life in Tampa Bay.
Best Place to Volunteer: TBPAC. 'Nuff said.

Now it's your turn to put your votes where you think they belong. Enjoy!

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