Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Gorka opens third season of Club Jaeb series at TBPAC

I’m really excited about the Club Jaeb season opener, John Gorka, next Monday night. Remember, we started this series two years ago with an eye toward bringing in the best singer-songwriters as well as other kinds of musicians that would work great in an intimate space. Plus, we wanted a Monday night series that would help us extend our weekends.

I’ve personally been a fan of Gorka since his “Land of the Bottom Line” blast at bottom-line living and his “Armed with a Broken Heart” break-up song. (When I do custom CDs, I frequently pair “Land of the Bottom Line” with James McMurtry’s “Painting by Numbers.”)

We’ve had absolutely great artists over the last two years, and some fabulous performances. This season’s lineup, though, has to be the strongest overall.

After Gorka, we have Jonatha Brooke, Jennifer O’Connor, Bethany and Rufus and Amy Speace. Plus, we have the Roche Sisters in a holiday show next door in the Ferguson.

People have been clamoring for Brooke since we started this series. Jennifer O’Connor’s new release has been called “record of the year” by the Village Voice and Amy Speace knocked out both a Nashville club of music insiders and a NYC club in a period of months.

All that for just $99. Check each of these artists out on their shows pages on this website, and follow links to their own sites.

Also, there’s an iMix sampler of the season that I posted recently.

Don’t forget the Monday Music Mingle at 6:30, where you can purchase food and drinks, sit inside or out, and listen to music from upcoming artists in the series – and other favorites.

Come say hello on Monday night.

– Michael Kilgore/TBPAC

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