Friday, January 26, 2007

Feed your mind!

Yesterday was opening night of Mind Games, and I took a group to see what’s so intriguing about Marc Salem’s Mind Games. I’ll admit it… I was pretty blown away.

He starts off with a few “simple” games to get warmed up, and builds up the show to a mind blowing finish. Several people in my group were chosen to partake in the show, and it was quite an experience. I was pretty relaxed and determined to stump this mentalist, but that was all shot when he began focusing on me. I’m not sure what gave me away, but he was right on the money.

I encourage everyone to witness this amazing show. Keep a sharp focus or you’ll trip up on the easiest questions. Believe me, several people did and it was hilarious!

-Pablo A.

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Paul said...

Can you tell me about the tv show faed your mind?