Friday, June 09, 2006

The play's the thing

Sometimes Broadway is so big on spectacle, the story gets a little lost.

But with this year's bumper crop of plays, there has been no shortage of provocative words, themes and a little spit flying across the boards.

You can check out some of this great work on Sunday night during the broadcast of this year's Tony Awards.

"The History Boys" led the plays with seven nominations and goes up against "Rabbit Hole," "Shining City" and "The Lieutenant of Inishmore."

And while it's not a Best Play candidate because it's a revival, Ralph Fiennes, Cherry Jones and Ian McDiarmid all take star turns in Brian Friel's "Faith Healer."

For those of us on the road, unfortunately, great plays don't often tour.

An exception is last year's Tony and Pulitzer winner, "Doubt," which -- by the way -- is closing on Broadway on July 2 after 25 previews and 525 regular performances.

One of the most thought-provoking plays I've seen since, oh, since maybe "Angels in America, it had my party talking for 45 minutes afterward. You'll have to decide for yourself whether the priest or the nun are correct, but the exercise is stimulating and invigorating.

And if we're lucky, maybe some of this year's crop will hit the road as well.

- Michael K.

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