Saturday, March 18, 2006

How could you miss it?

This week the Capitol Steps are in town at The Center, supporting what I think is a really funny title for an album - Four More Years in the Bush Leagues. If you've never heard of the group, the premise is this: mix a bunch of former Washington congressional staffers, add parodies of famous songs with lyrics reflecting current events and shake.

These guys work on material every day, and if you visit the website often, they're pretty good about posting new stuff. The show they're touring right now already has Danish cartoon jokes and of course the four remaining liberal Supreme Court justices singing "Keep Us Alive" (to the tune of "Stayin' Alive").

But here we are in Florida - land of Our Fearless Leader's brother, dangling chads, Terri Schiavo, Elian Gonzalez etc ... and they let the whole show pass without one crack on Katherine Harris. How can that be? I could probably make up several on her make-up alone.

And just to be clear if you were interested in checking them out - they're not liberal or conservative, they're just sorta mean. Well, you know what I mean, they're not afraid to take a shot at anyone. Equal opportunity offenders as it were. I seem to clearly remember their song "Bubba and the Blue Dress" ("Devil in a Blue Dress").

I probably can't go on any more about the group or the show lest my own leanings come out any more than they may have already. I was just really surprised that they left so broad a target alone. Maybe next time ...

- David J.

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