Thursday, January 19, 2006

Many artists have learned to reach out directly to their fans through e-mails and their fan sites.
One of the best at harnessing this technique is the upcoming Club Jaeb artist Catie Curtis (Feb. 23).

Here's a recent e-mail she sent to her fans:

January 18th, 2006

When I was in high school, I learned to play guitar by listening to songs and picking out the chords. At least twenty of those songs were by Karla Bonoff. This weekend, I will share the stage with Karla (, in Weston, MA and New York City. We will each play our own set, but she suggested we end with "The Water is Wide," TOGETHER. Breathe.

The following weekend, on January 27th, I am playing the Ann Arbor Folk Festival (, which is the biggest winter folk festival out there. Worthy of a road trip… Then in early February I play two shows in Virginia (Vienna and Ashland). Guitarist, songwriter and producer John Jennings (Mary Chapin Carpenter’s collaborator and also the producer of Acoustic Valentine) will accompany me for both those shows. Next stop after that, Florida! See info below, and find more at

I am deeply in to the process of recording the new album. Last week, my car transmission died at about 11:30 PM, as I was leaving the studio. Producer Lorne Entress and guitarist Mark Erelli followed me, going about 5 miles per hour until I arrived home. That's kinda what they're doing in the studio, too. Patiently following where I need to go. We tried lots of different approaches for each song, until we felt that "ahhh." I am loving the vibe of this project, thanks to Mark, Lorne, John Sands on drums and Mike Rivard on bass. I will be posting photos on my website in the next couple weeks as the process continues.

Best to you from a winter-warm blustery Boston,


- Michael K.

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