Tuesday, December 13, 2005

From the mouths of ...

More than 20 representatives of The Center fanned across Tampa Bay area schools during the National Teach-In.

One class, from Lake Magdalene Elementary, wrote "stories" about what they heard and we just received them here.

Here are some excerpts.

"He told us about the 5 different kinds of rooms. He also told us the bands that are already playing or are going to play." -- Zachary H.

"{He} talked about the Performing Arts Center and what kind of singers went there. Also what dancers went there and performers that also went." -- Landon P.

"That was a good show. Someday I will learn music." -- Darrell J.

"There are almost 100 people there at the performing arts center. They teach digital video. They teach ballet and hip-hop. They even have Hillary Duff. In December, the Nutcracker will perform. ... Before they had Phantom of the Opera and Lion King." -- Nikki G.

Nice to know some of what we said stuck with them. But what really resonated with the students I spoke with was that I knew who Jesse McCartney was (only because he had just played here some months ago.) Don't know who he is? Ask your kids.

- Michael K

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